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Help New Bookmakers by Writing Reviews

It's hard to stress enough that you should read reviews for new online bookies before you try their site. But, what happens if you're using a new bookmaker already? Since it's always advisable for people to read reviews, you should absolutely leave a review for the site you're using as soon as you know enough about it.


  • 1. It helps them become more trustworthy Finding a trustworthy new bookmaker is hard. Reviews by users are one of the few ways to help that search, but if they aren't available than other potential players will be out of luck. Help the site out by writing a user review of their site to let everyone know what it's like, whether it's trustworthy or not.
  • 2. You may assist in keeping their site online If few people review the site, it's unlikely that a lot of others will join up and make new accounts. The risk of an unknown betting site is too great for a lot of new users, therefore the bookie might end up going out of business due to lack of people signing up. While one review might not necessarily tip the scale in their favor, you will be helping and making a difference by reviewing.
  • 3. Get the record straight Whether you've had a good or a bad experience, it's good to let people know honestly how the service on the site is. If they are terrible, you want everyone to know that so they can be wary of this new bookmaker. If everything is great on the site in your experience, let the world read about it so they can have a better feeling about the bookie from the start instead of feeling skeptical and unsure.